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The International Association for Child Safety has developed the childproofing industry's first and only professional certification program. The Certified Professional Childproofer® designation recognizes those professionals who have met specific qualifications and criteria, and have proven through testing and client interaction that they possess the broad knowledge and experience required for certification.

The certification program is voluntary and designed to benefit both individuals in the babyproofing profession and the clients they serve. Clients will value the peace of mind that comes with knowing their childproofing products and services are being provided by a Certified Professional Childproofer consultant or an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer consultant.

The certification program incorporates safety standards and best practices related to injury prevention, safety products, and installation. The program focuses on increasing the professionalism of the child safety industry by:

  • Identifying a body of knowledge for the childproofing profession;
  • Establishing the level of knowledge and experience required for certification for babyproofers;
  • Recognizing and raising industry standards, practices, and ethics; and
  • Maximizing the value of products and services provided by a professional who has earned the CPC designation.

To locate a certified childproofer in your area, visit IAFCS Members. Certified childproofers are listed with their certification designation: CPC or A-CPC.

To verify certification for an individual or to learn more about the program, please visit our certification website. http://www.certifiedprofessionalchildproofers.org/

The certification program is for individuals who have experience in childproofing, including installation experience. The certification program is not a training program for new businesses. For training information, please visit www.iafcs.org and click on IAFCS Membership Info.

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